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Nike Dunk Low Retro White Black (2021)

  • Tuesday, 07 February 2023
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The full name of DUNK SB is "DUNK SKATE BOARDING". In the past, "DUNK" was just a pair of ordinary basketball shoes. After the improvement of AIR FORCE1, the Nike DUNK SB skateboard shoe series appeared. Now "DUNK" has been injected with more fashion elements by Nike. , and the "Fake Nike Dunk SB" with air zoom air cushion technology and thick tongue has gradually become the backbone of Nike skateboard shoes. As the most mainstream sneakers, the Nike SB series has become increasingly popular and influential. Originally created only for skateboarding, an improved version of the retro shoe has become a trend icon.

The original intention of Cheap Nike Dunk Low Online is actually a pair of basketball shoes with good grounding. For NIKE, although the design is simple from the current point of view, DUNK with low technical content is definitely a pair of cross-century shoes. In terms of technical content, everyone often thinks that the Dunk without air cushion is the most original one. But in the correct order, the Air Force 1 (the first pair of air-cushioned shoes) launched by NIKE in order to defeat the old rival Converse in 1983 gave them a big win in the market, and the stock also climbed. But in 1985, adidas made a comeback, and the sports product market changed drastically. Nike faced the most serious financial crisis in history. The stock price fell by more than half in the same year. He signed the super rookie Michael Jordan with huge sums of money and designed the first pair of signature shoes Air Jordan One for him based on the Air Force One, which is also available in stockx snk. Soon all the top varsity teams were clamoring for their own shoes, which is why the Dunk came along. When the Dunk was released, there were 8 completely different colors, representing the eight top NCAA teams including the University of North Carolina, the University of Arizona and the University of Arkansas. In fact, in terms of design, Dunk is based on the Air Jordan 1 generation, so it has excellent grip performance and field sense, ensuring that those excellent players can move lightly and stably on the field, so the performance is also impeccable. So DUNK's popularity in the 80s is definitely not accidental.

The Nike Dunk Low Retro White Black (2021) mid quality is the most classic and infinitely repurchased. It adopts a classic contrasting color design and incorporates modern shoemaking technology to create a comfortable foot feel; the black and white color matching creates a sharp contrast effect, showing Simple charm. The color matching of the shoes is made of black and white two-color stitching, and is made of all-leather material. The style is street fashion, and it also echoes the classic panda color matching.

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