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Balenciaga Triple S Clear Sole Black

  • Tuesday, 07 February 2023
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Dad shoes are a very popular shoe this year. As the name suggests, they are Dad's shoes, which are the sports shoes and travel shoes of the 1990s. The shape looks very old-fashioned, clumsy, and even a little ugly, but it is the biggest trend this autumn and winter. And it is almost universal for men and women, and it has become the most photographed shoe on INS. At the moment when the retro style is prevalent, the popularity of daddy shoes also seems reasonable. These types of shoes have no sense of technology in terms of design or material, they are full of retro atmosphere, and the colors are very low-key, generally black, white, navy blue, and army green.

Balenciaga's casual air-cushion daddy shoes are spring-like and colorful, with an air-cushioned sole, which has a good heightening effect, high resilience, and a light heel to wear. Balenciaga Triple S White Grey (W), the smooth perfect arc of the shoe body increases the overall texture, casual and fashionable without losing the atmosphere, selected high-quality soles, soft and comfortable to the extreme, conveying the free and casual fashion of the hipsters manner. Balenciaga Shoes, increased cushioning air-cushion design, soft, comfortable and breathable texture, can be invisible to increase, the flying line upper is wear-resistant and elastic, multi-point protection of feet, anti-collision toe cap, to prevent toe bump injury, Safe and comfortable to wear and walk.

The representative work of the Dad Shoe craze is definitely the Balenciaga Triple S. It can be said that almost every color scheme is selling well in stockx snk, and despite the high price, it can't stop everyone's enthusiasm for it. Of course, Balenciaga will not give up its investment in Triple S. The new Triple S suspected to have an air-cushion unit appeared on the Internet a few days ago. The upper part has not changed, and a simplified layered design is adopted, but it can be said to be a big change in the midsole part. The outsole and the upper are connected through the unit part similar to the air cushion, and the crystal clear should be criticized in terms of weight. Improved. The heaviness of the Triple S is not suitable for long-term use. If it is really an air cushion (even if it is similar), it will definitely bring about a qualitative change.

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