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Balenciaga Track Black

  • Tuesday, 07 February 2023
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With the popularity of the "Dad Shoe" style, the Fake Balenciaga Shoes has become the darling of the sneaker industry. The 5-layer composite large bottom layer cowhide and soft sheepskin composite stitching design perfectly brings retro street aesthetics and deconstruction aesthetics to the extreme.

After testing on my feet, I found that Balenciaga shoes,Balenciaga Track Black 555032 W1GB7 1000(Top Quality) are super big. . . Stockx snk still takes a little thought to match!

This issue of street photography analysis hopes to bring you some collocation inspiration

1: Balenciage Leggings

The exaggerated outline and the seemingly heavy design actually modified the leg lines visually, making the legs thin and long.

The choice of tight sports pants is best to leave a little ankle, which not only shows the length of the legs but also reduces the abruptness caused by the large shoes.

2: Balenciage Washed Jeans

When pairing with light-colored jeans, you can choose to roll up a section of the trousers or directly choose nine-point cat whisker straight-leg pants or flared pants

The choice of the upper body is also a fashionable OL style with a sense of style

Compared with 1.2, the overall combination is better in terms of stability and intellect.

3: Balenciga jeans / leggings

The most common raw jeans in boys' wardrobes, the trousers and the pair of old shoes, the effect is also 6 to flying~

4: Balenciga cropped trousers/school pants

It is best to choose a slightly closed trousers for nine-point trousers, and it is best to choose socks with the same color as the pants, so that they will show long legs!

You can choose tooling, denim, or casual suits for clothes, and the choice is very rich.

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