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Adidas Yeezy Slide Black

  • Tuesday, 07 February 2023
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This main design of adidas Yeezy Slide Black top quality is simple and continuing the consistent style of the Yeezy series. The overall shape is round and heavy, and the open-toe wide upper construction. The rubber midsole is equipped with a serrated outsole, which is thick and versatile, make you feel comfortable.

Honest speaking, from last year Fake Adidas Yeezy Slipper is always recognized to be ugly. But when the shoes come out, it would be popular.

Its large shoe shape will set off the small feet, and it will show small feet when going out.

In addition, taking a full-body photo with the bare ankle side will show off the long legs and thin. It's very comfortable to wear, the softness and hardness of the material are adjusted very well, not too hard, but not too soft. It is very comfortable to walk and waterproof and non-slip!

The whole shoe body is made of one-piece EVA foam. The shoe body is not only wear-resistant, but also very small. It looks very good to wear, and comfortable to wear it, and fashionable. The shape of the shoe body is very smooth. From every angle, it is very uniform and very integrated. Perhaps because of the sawtooth sole, the sole is very thick, about 5cm, which is relatively short. The little friend is very friendly, and it not only looks taller, but also shows long legs.

After the overall rating, the slippers should be able to enter the S class. The shoes have many advantages. Of course, the current price is not friendly in the secondary market, so stockx snk is the best choice.

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