Nike Yeezy 2

  Nike Yeezy 2 was released on June 9, 2012, which is exactly the 10th anniversary of the release of this pair of sneakers, which are regarded as the "peak" by countless players. Nike Yeezy 2 is full of ancient Egyptian elements, which can be said to be a myth in the reps sneakers industry.

  Nike Yeezy 2 was designed by Nike designers Nathan VanHook and Kanye West. The design is very mature and the design elements are also very rich. Nike Yeezy 2 adopts the outsole of Nike Air Tech Challenge 2 in appearance, and the shoe body still uses the iconic strap design of the previous Air Yeezy. The splicing of different materials adds a lot of details to Nike Yeezy 2, especially the use of large-scale snakeskin pattern leather, and the raised wave design at the heel, which will become the unique identity of Nike Yeezy 2 in the future. Nike Yeezy 2 reps sneakers is called "Nike's Most Anticipated Sneaker Ever".

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