Nike Vaporwaffle

In 1971, after the name "Nike" was established, the two founders began to think about product design. The inspiration for Bowerman came on one morning while Bill Bowerman and his wife were in the kitchen making waffles. He came up with an idea for the design of sneakers, which is to make the soles into a waffle-like groove shape to increase the grip of the sneakers on the track. This idea then spawned Nike's first sneaker collection, the Cheap Nike x Sacai Vaporwaffle Online Trainer. In 1974, Nike patented the design, and it only cost the cost of a waffle. Waffle shoes have become synonymous with classic Nike shoes. Run on the street, stop on the street, freely create your own NIKE waffle series, can be got from Stockx sneakers, show your matching philosophy of performance and color, classic work, and innovation. "Bringing innovation and inspiration to every athlete in the world" is Nike's manifesto.