Nike Dunk High

  The Nike Dunk SB fronts are SB Dunk Low, Dunk High and NIKE TENNIS SB, SB stands for Skateboard. Nike Dunk High, as the name suggests, is all classic DUNK blood.

  The original intention of Nike Dunk High is actually a pair of basketball shoes with good grounding, and now it has become a series of professional skateboard shoes. Introduced in 1985, the Nike Dunk High was known for being easy to adjust, and when customization, graphics and fabric experimentation became more common, the Nike Dunk High was handed to a new generation to match certain colors. Nike Dunk High has excellent grip performance and court feel, which ensures that those excellent players can move lightly and steadily on the court, so the performance is also impeccable. So it's no coincidence that Dunk High's popularity at Stockx Snk.

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