Nike Air Jordan 4

Air Jordan 4 is the fourth real iteration of basketball shoes in the Nike Jordan series. It is a very classic of the Air Jordan series on stockx snk, born in 1988. The net shape of belt buckles are famous all over the world.

The first appearance of Fake Air Jordan 4 made it clear that the Air Jordan series and the Flight series would complement each other and learn from each other, and also put forward the concept of defender basketball shoes for the first time.

Although the AirJordan 4 is the only pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes with the word Flight so far, the design concept of the Flight series has been integrated into the design of the AirJordan series, which also makes the Air Jordan series move towards lightweight and speed. The spirit of flying upward forever has been deeply integrated into the soul of the Air Jordan series. It can be said that the Air Jordan 4 is like a rebirth of the entire Air Jordan series, or a nirvana.