Bape Shoes

BAPE STA was originally born in 2000. Most people look this sneaker for the first time would find it particularly familiar? That's right! The BAPE STA series is actually a "salutation" to the classic Nike Air Force 1 at stockx snk. Whether it is the BAPE STA meteor logo, the midsole APE words and other details, it can be found that the brand is paying tribute and interpreting more creativity through its own representative marks. So how did Best Bape Sta Low at cheap price create its historical height in the sneaker circle? BAPE established by NIGO, with the means of high price and limited quantity, plus the gorgeous color matching with memory points, became a street brand that the global trend people were vying to support at that time! And of course, they did not miss the BAPE STA shoes with this logo. NIGO's friends Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and others all personally brought goods for this shoes in the golden age at that time. And today's street representatives such as Travis Scott have also stepped on BAPE STA, which also made the series popular because of the celebrity.

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