Air Jordan 12

The shoe body of best AJ12 at cheap price is partly inspired by the sun flag of the Japanese army. The use of Zoom Air technology makes the shoes lightweight cushioning and quick response. Air Jordan 12 is also the most durable pair of shoes in the AJ series. The main disadvantage is that it is easy to get dirty and not easy to clean. In addition, Jordan also wore this shoe and scored 38 points against the Utah Jazz due to illness. After the game, he had to leave the court with the help of his teammate Pippen.

The biggest feature of Air Jordan 12, which can be bought from Stockx sneakers, is the use of the distinctive DURABACK material, combined with the natural leather upper, the whole pair of shoes achieves maximum stability, DURABACK can prevent sprains when the feet fall bare, and the shoe body is lighter. It is said that Jordan's requirement was to wear it with a barefoot feeling. Air Jordan 12 is also the first pair of Jordan shoes to use the full-length zoom air cushion, and all the Jordan shoes used after that use the zoom air. This air cushion is characterized by being thin and tough, and it is very close to the ground. It absorbs power and rebounds quickly, providing continuous force for players to run quickly and bounce continuously. At the same time, the full-length carbon fiber support plate is still used, which can reduce the burden on the knees.